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It’s not just carpet that comes on rolls, so does artificial grass and we have discounted remnants of that too!Call Rolls & Rems Carpet Warehouse in Poole today.

Artificial Grass

We stock full rolls of artificial grass all year round. Call Rolls & Rems Carpet Warehouse in Poole today.
Artificial grass
Artificial grass

Cost effective and long lasting

Fake grass is a one-time investment that will stay there in its sheer glory for years to come. Our products are designed to exhibit the natural appeal of a traditional lawn, and you’ll be glad to know that they comply with the highest quality standards. You’ll find several other options available on the market and may get perplexed by the range of synthetic turf products to choose from. We wouldn’t advise settling on one type of product just by looking at it as there are certain factors, like thickness, look and feel, yarn shapes, density and weight which can influence your purchase. With us at your back, you can never go wrong with your purchase. We are happy to help so please get in touch.

Don’t bring the outdoors in with artificial grass

We’ve all been there; summer day, rain starts, everyone runs inside along with quite a bit of your back lawn on their feet! Well with artificial grass that’s no longer a problem. Who wants to spend a lovely sunny day mowing the lawn or worrying about that patch of dead grass under a tree which will just not grow back? Artificial grass can solve a lot of problems and give you a perfect, lush green lawn all year round!

Artificial grass


  • 30mm
  • 40mm

In all we have 8 different types of artificial grass to choose from, all carrying a 9 year guarantee. We also have all the traditional types of flooring you’d expect including carpet, laminate and vinyl. We’ll also come and measure up for you for free!

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