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How to Maintain Your LVT Flooring in Poole: Tips and Tricks

LVT flooring in Poole

Installing LVT in your interior design project might be the best decision you ever make. Among its many benefits, the major one is its user-friendly qualities, which make it very simple to clean and maintain. This helps to extend the life of both your design and your investment. It might be challenging to determine the right equipment and methods for cleaning vinyl flooring to make it last far longer than its warranty. Here are a few simple instructions from Rolls and Rems on cleaning and caring for your flooring in Poole.

LVT Flooring

To begin with, let’s clarify the definition of LVT

There are a lot of flooring solutions available that claim to be the best for business use. However, there’s only one genuine LVT. LVT is a type of hard surface flooring that is more resilient than all others now offered in the commercial flooring market. It includes tile, plank, and other LVT options. The layers of LVT are the photographic film layer, protective coating layer, vinyl backing and emboss layer.

How should LVT be cleaned?

One of the key reasons LVT is so simple to maintain and clean is that floor wax is not needed for the wear layer. An LVT floor in Poole needs the application of an acrylic finish. And the two are really different from one another. Typically made from carnauba wax, floor wax requires specialised buffing tools for each application. This gloss creates the illusion of cleanliness. Many schools and hospitals have VCT flooring because people mistakenly believe that because something is shiny, it must be clean.

In contrast to wax, which is more solid and is polished onto the flooring surface, acrylic finishes are usually liquids and are applied with a mop and bucket.

Daily LVT Cleaning

Even though LVT is naturally water, stain, and scratch-resistant, it still needs to be cleaned using simple techniques for optimal upkeep. The majority of common floor cleaning equipment works well on LVT; brooms, vacuums, and mops come in handy. It is best to dry sweep LVT on a regular basis and to always take care of spills right away. You can avoid scratches and scuffs on the floor by keeping dirt and debris off it.

Thorough Cleaning of LVT

Mishaps occur, particularly in commercial environments such as dining establishments, medical facilities, or multi-family housing. In case this occurs and a stain or scrape leaves your flooring damaged, intensive cleaning techniques can help restore your flooring to its former glory. We advise using a strong flooring cleaner for stains.

Keep your LVT flooring in Poole clean and new with Rolls & Rems

When it comes to maintaining LVT floors, adding floor castors to the bottom of tables and chairs might be of help. The floor may get worn down from chairs slamming back and forth across it, but castors can help prevent any further damage. Using walk-off mats in entrances is another suggestion to aid with moisture, dirt, and debris brought in by the elements.

Acrylic finishes, when applied appropriately, can assist in reducing the damage caused by deep scuff marks that degrade the wear layer. If you have further questions about cleaning your LVT vinyl flooring in Poole, feel free to get in touch with Rolls & Rems anytime!

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